Continuing Education for Clergy

The committee provides opportunities for continuing ministerial education to priests and deacons. We are very fortunate to have such outstanding clergy as committee members. Please feel free to contact them with your suggestions and feedback.

Please save the date! 2010 Syracuse Diocese Clergy Convocation will take place at Edgewood Resort/Conference Center in Alexandria Bay, NY on September 20-22.

We were able to secure the valuable time of our three presenters this coming September. Bishop Matthew Clark of Rochester, who will deliver a keynote presentation on Monday afternoon, as well as a homily during the Tuesday morning Eucharist, has already expressed his delight at having been invited to join us. Similarly, both Dr. Patricia Kelly (well know psychologist, annual presenter at the “Upstate Update”, and a consulter on priestly and diaconal vocations for a number of Eastern Seaboard dioceses) and our own John Rose have agreed to offer of their time and expertise this year, as well.

Their presentations would include, but would not be limited to:

  • How do we maintain a healthy priestly spirituality when encountering the ever-changing trends in contemporary ministry? These trends may include changes in attendance, economy, administrative structure within dioceses e.g. mergers and linkages, etc.
  • How do we continue to provide successful and effective leadership amidst today’s diverse Catholic population? This would include the most recent demographical research on Catholics in our nation e.g. white vs. blue collar, traditional vs. progressive, etc.
  • How to maintain a healthy, wholesome, and fulfilling lifestyle that would nourish, support, and enrich our ministerial vocation?
  • How do we encourage and support one another on our common journey?

Our speakers have graciously agreed to focus on these topics and explore them according to their own perspectives, gifts, and talents. It is our sincere hope that this year’s clergy convocation would be one of the best we have ever had.

It will include time for prayer, dialogue, celebration of the Eucharist, common meals, and RELAXATION!

Committee Members

  • Rev. James T. O’Brien
  • Rev. James P. Lang
  • Rev. Brian Lang
  • Dc. Fred Cholette
  • Dc. Anthony Paratore
  • Rev. William R. Jones
  • Rev. John Manno
  • Rev. Gregory C. LeStrange
  • Rev. Joseph Salerno
  • Rev. Daniel J. O’Hara