Risk Management

Risk Management Services

  • Oversee the placement of all property and casualty insurance policies.
  • Handle all diocesan property and casualty claims.
  • Loss prevention visits to all diocesan locations on a regular basis.
  • Development of specific loss prevention programs to increase safety and reduce the cost of loss.
  • Secure and provide Certificates of Insurance as needed for all parish, school and diocese activities.
  • Provide ongoing advice to all in regards to safety and handling risks.
  • Develop and distribute recommendations and guidelines as needed to address exposures and risks that develop.

Protected Self Insurance Program Highlights

  • All risk replacement cost coverage for all buildings and contents, Liability coverages for all parish, school, cemeteries, Catholic Charities and all diocesan ministries.
  • Auto liability, collision and comprehensive coverage, for all parish and diocesan owned vehicles.
  • Workers compensation coverage for all employees.
  • Boiler & Machinery coverages for schools and for parishes who elect this coverage.
  • Crime coverage.


Priest Personnel Liability Excess Coverage 

Priests/Religious Sisters Personal Property Coverage

Safety Tips

January 2015 - Maintaining a Healthy Back
February 2015 - Ice and Snow Removal
March 2015 - Office Safety Survey
April 2015 - Spring Maintenance Checklist 

Diocesan Guidelines

Policies & Procedures

Risk Management

The Diocese of Syracuse Risk Management Office's mission is to enhance the safety and well being of all Diocesan parishes, schools, cemeteries, Catholic Charities and all of our ministries, through loss prevention, fair and timely claims handling, and effective management of all risks throughout the Diocese. Risk Management exists to serve the Diocese of Syracuse parishioners, volunteers, clergy and all employees throughout all 7 counties.

240 East Onondaga Street
Syracuse, NY 13202

Tel: (315) 470-1495
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