Heritage Campaign

Preserving Our Schools

The Diocese is committed to maintaining quality Catholic schools in each of the four diocesan regions, and making them available to all families, regardless of financial resources. Catholic schools teach Christian virtues and foster integrity, discipline and responsibility in their students.

A total of $14,500,000 of the minimum goal of $33,000,000 will be earmarked for Catholic schools throughout the Diocese.

  • Facility Improvements - $3,500,000
    Designated for improving high school and elementary school facilities.
  • Catholic School Endowment Fund - $11,000,000
    Establish an endowment, the earnings of which will provide annual funding as follows:
  • Catechetical Certification Of All Parochial School Teachers - $75,000 annually
    All Catholic school teachers will be required to earn certification in catechetics. After they are certified, teachers will participate in ongoing in-service programs.
  • Professional Development of School Administrators - $60,000 annually
    This endowment will help potential administrators obtain a Masters Degree and New York State certification in School Administration.
  • Marketing and Public Relations for Catholic Schools - $150,000 annually
    Of the children baptized in our parishes, only 15% subsequently enroll in Catholic schools. Our 10-year target is to increase this to 25%. Funding will support a marketing program to attract and retain students.
  • Development Program - $80,000 annually
    An objective of our Strategic Long- Range Plan for schools is to raise a percentage of each school's budget through development activities. This campaign will underwrite the position of a director who will recruit and train local school committees and coordinate and implement developmental activities for individual schools.
  • Technology Director - $40,000 annually
    This campaign will fund a technology director who will guide schools in decisions pertaining to computer hardware and software, for use in the rapidly developing area of technology.
  • Grants To Individual Schools For Program Enhancement - $475,000 annually
    Funds raised in this campaign will be used to enrich academic offerings. All schools in the Diocese will be invited to design innovative programs and submit them for possible funding. Fields in which schools might compete include computer technology, math, the arts, religion, etc.

Preserving Our Religious Education & Youth Ministries

We will allocate $2,750,000 from The Heritage Campaign to serve as an endowment for Religious Education, Youth Ministry, and ministry to young adults.

Religious Education is one of the most important missions of the church.

  • Teacher Training - $50,000 annually
    The Diocese has a very sound teacher certification program. Its cost is modest, but our numbers are large - more than 4,000 catechists, only 10% of whom have currently completed the process. Funds from this endowment will assist parishes for which the cost of certification is problematic.
  • Technology - $30,000 for one year
    To assist in the Teacher Training and Certification process, we will produce videotapes which demonstrate outstanding teaching-learning experiences. The models will be our own catechists; the videos will capture real instructional situations and will provide practical examples of how the catechist ministers. Networking our resource centers among themselves and with parishes that are on- line will also become a possibility with these funds.
  • Scholarships - $30,000 first year - $40,000 subsequent years
    Many of our professional religious educators pursue advanced programs to enhance their effectiveness. Those participating in LIMEX or in courses offered through Le Moyne and other colleges and universities bring a new competence to their ministry. Until now most of these participants (sometimes with help from other parishes) have borne the cost themselves.

    Through this campaign, scholarships will be available to ease this financial burden and encourage other religious educators throughout the Diocese to enroll in such programs.

Youth Ministry responds to the needs of our young people and affords them the opportunity to share their unique gifts with the larger community.

The following will be funded from the $50,000 annually allotted to the Youth Ministry portion of this campaign:

  • Youth Leadership Grants - $5,000
    Grants will be provided to help inner city and urban youths attend the annual Christian Leadership Institute.
  • Regional Diocesan Peer Ministry Retreat Teams - $10,000
    We will establish Diocesan Peer Ministry Retreat teams that are led and facilitated by qualified adult youth ministers. Teams will provide retreats for all interested adolescents, not just Confirmation candidates.
  • Grants For Service Ministry - $10,000
    Young people need to understand their role in the global community and respond to the Gospel's call to be ministers of social justice. Funds from The Heritage Campaign will enable young people to continue to serve at places such as St. Francis Farm and Nazareth Farm and address those justice issues to which the Church calls them.
  • Training of Adult Ministers to Work with Youth - $5,000
    Funds from this campaign will enable adult instructors to attend youth ministry workshops and allow them to stay abreast of new developments in the field.
  • The Youth Ministry Center in Rome - $20,000
    The Youth Ministry Center in Rome, formerly Rome Catholic High School Convent, will be renovated so that youth from all areas of the Diocese can gather in a site which they can call their own.
  • Ministry to Young Adults (18-35 years old) - $75,000 first year, $80,000 annually
    We will fund projects designed by individual parishes or groups of parishes that respond to the needs of young adults. These pilot projects will be funded with a maximum grant of $7,500 a year for no more than three years.

Our vision is that successful projects will become self-supporting.

Preserving Our Charities

The Heritage Campaign will create an endowment to enhance Catholic Charities' ability to respond to the everyday needs of people throughout the Diocese.

  • Emergency Assistance Programs $200,000 Annually
    Each of the Regional Offices of Catholic Charities sponsors programs of emergency assistance for families and individuals who have neither money nor access to other services or help. In addition to providing for the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter, Catholic Charities also offers critically needed assistance in purchasing prescriptions and paying utility bills. Catholic Charities responds not just to the immediate emergency, but through a comprehensive system of counseling services addressing the root causes and the systemic problems that give rise to the crisis situations.
  • Employment Development Program Onondaga County - $40,000 annually
    In 1997, Catholic Charities participated in a publicly funded demonstration project that placed 35 unemployed individuals in meaningful, sustainable job situations.

    However, the level of funding needs to be augmented to provide essential services such as transportation, counseling and child care.

Preserving Our Dignity

The Diocese has a history of providing for retired priests. Currently there are 60 priests living in retirement. Many more will reach the mandatory retirement age of 75 in the next 10 years.

  • Capital Expansion and Renovations $500,000
    St. Pius X Home in Syracuse has recently undergone major renovations at a cost of $167,000, for new carpeting, new lighting, individual climate controls and remodeling of common areas. An additional $250,000 is needed to replace the roof and windows.

    Priests who have ministered in other regions of the diocese often seek to retire in the areas in which they served. Renovation of the former convent at Seton Catholic High in Binghamton is projected to cost $110,000.

    An additional $140,000 will be designated for a similar home in the Eastern Region at a location yet to be determined.
  • Expansion of the Endowment Fund - $2,000,000
    Funds from The Heritage Campaign will add $2 million to the existing St. Pius X Endowment and allocate income to support all three facilities for retired priests

Preserving Our Parishes

Parishes are the essential building blocks of our diocesan faith community. The Heritage Campaign affords us a wonderful opportunity to reinforce and strengthen parishes in vital new ways. Parishes often lack the funds to complete needed capital repairs and renovations that would make facilities more conducive to worship, provide easier access for the elderly and disabled, and institute outreach ministries.

In addition, parishes are anxious to improve religious education, update technology, hire needed staff and provide just compensation for their employees.

One of the fundamental commitments of our campaign is to return to our parishes a minimum of 20% of the funds raised. Parishes surpassing their target will receive 50% of over-goal funds. The Heritage Campaign will contribute a minimum of $6,600,000 toward the development and rejuvenation of our parishes.

Invitation for Support

Initially, this campaign will seek substantial multi-year pledges from donors who have generously supported the Diocese in the past. We seek to develop important new avenues of charitable gifts from corporations and foundations.

The Heritage Campaign will also invite and provide opportunities for all parishioners to participate in whatever way that they can.

Funds raised through the campaign will be used exclusively for the purposes and programs detailed in this case statement, which has been discussed with the priests and the Campaign Steering Committee, and approved by the Campaign Pastors' Advisory Committee.

The Heritage Campaign marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in the 112-year history of our Diocese. It will involve all 172 parishes and 17 missions and will be firmly based upon our unwavering commitment to do the work of the Lord Jesus in the Diocese of Syracuse.

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