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2014-2015 McDevitt Grants
Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse


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2014-2015 Mid Year Reports Due: January 30, 2015

2014-2015 Year End Reports Due: July 10, 2015

List of Approved 2014 Evangelization Grants

List of Approved 2014 Food Pantry Grants

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In 2008, the Diocese announced the receipt of a significant bequest from Robert and Catherine McDevitt. They directed the creation of several funds and named the areas/ministries they wished to be supported. The McDevitts were specific as to how the income from these funds was to be applied. Among other areas, they designated funds to be used for the “purposes, objectives and goals of the HOPE Appeal.”


In December of 2010, Bishop Cunningham approved a use of these funds in support of Evangelization and Food Bank programs in parishes:

  • For Evangelization programs, all parishes of the Diocese of Syracuse that met or exceeded their 2013 HOPE Appeal goal as recorded in the HOPE Appeal final report are eligible to apply for a McDevitt Grant in support of Evangelization Programs in Youth and/or Family Life. Generally speaking all grants are to support creative and innovative approaches to the continuing evangelization of our young people and families, and will not exceed $10,000. Priority will be given to programs that can be replicated in other parishes.

  • For Food Pantry programs, all parishes of the Diocese are eligible to apply for a McDevitt Grant in support of parish operated programs. Generally speaking, all grants are to support the purchase of food items, and will not exceed $7500. Funds are not intended to support capital needs, employee compensation, other overhead costs or non-food items.

  • All budget funds must be used in full prior to completing application for following year.


There are two types of grant application forms: Evangelization and Food Pantry. Grant application forms and budget sheets are available as downloadable documents on line at : click on HOPE Appeal logo.  Applications for grants will only be accepted on these forms. It is strongly encouraged that they be submitted electronically to the dedicated email address: Grant applications are due by March 21st.  All grant requests must be reviewed and approved by the pastor.

Applications will be ranked by a group of content experts with experience in each program area and then submitted to the Pastor’s Advisory Council for review. The PAC will then make recommendations to Bishop Cunningham.


2013 Mid-year Report Deadline January 31, 2014
Application Deadline March 21, 2014
Application Review Begins Week of March 24, 2014
Committee Review Meeting Week of April 21, 2014
Applicant Notification Week of May 26, 2014
Funds Distributed On or around July 1, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who is eligible?
A: Only parishes of the Diocese of Syracuse are eligible to apply. There are no preconditions for the Food Pantry grants. A parish must have met its most recent HOPE Appeal goal to be eligible to apply for an Evangelization grant.

Q: Can we submit more than one grant request? 
A: Yes, parishes may submit a grant request for one or both program areas as long as preconditions have been met and request does not exceed funding maximum ($10,000 evangelization, $7,500 Food Pantry). All grant requests must be approved by the pastor before submission.

Q: If we receive a grant, when will funds be sent out? 
A: Grant notifications will be sent by the week of May 26th. Grant funds will be distributed on or around July 1st. A single check in the amount approved will be provided. Funds may only be used for the approved grants.


Parishes receiving grants are to record the grant in Schedule M—Extraordinary Receipts, GL Account #647 for the budget year in which they are received. It is expected that all funds received will be expended during the fiscal year 2014-2015. Funds not expended will need to be returned to the McDevitt Fund.

A mid-year update is required for each project that is funded. Each parish will be notified when the update is due. The form will be available for download at HOPE Appeal logo.

Please note: Funds may only be spent on the approved grant. A grant change must be submitted and approved before any funds may be spent that differ from the approved grant.