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The Diocesan Archives Maintains archival collections of information and materials of historical value for the diocese and parishes.  The Archives:

  •  Is the depository for documents and records of the diocese

  • Provide for an accurate and clear record of those events which comprise the official history of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse

  • Collects, appraises, organizes, preserves, describes, catalogs, and where appropriate makes available those records of administrative, legal, fiscal,  and historical value

  • Is made up of two distinct areas: the museum located in the basement of the former Cathedral School at 424 Montgomery St. in Syracuse, and the library and records/work room which are located in the basement of the Chancery building at 240 East Onondaga Street in Syracuse.

  • Is open to researchers by appointment Monday through Friday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM.

  • Schedules tours of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

  • Does NOT house sacramental records. These are kept at the parish level

  • Was established in 1986

Maintains archival collections of information and materials of historical value for the diocese and parishes.



  1. Episcopate
  2. Cathedral Parish
  3. Soft Bound Books and Pamphlets
  4. Sister's Council
  5. Seminaries and Seminarians
  6. Msgr. David Gildea
  7. Msgr. Joseph Champlin
  8. Reference
  9. Ready Reference-Bishops
  10. Ready Reference-Institutions
  11. Ready Reference-Parishes
  12. Current Collection-1970's, 80's and 90's
  13. Department of Archives
  14. Scrapbooks
  15. Msgr. Charles Fahey and Daniel Lawler
  16. Special I Before 1950
  17. Rare Books
  18. Hard Bound Books
  19. Dr. David O'Brien
  20. Catholic Sun
  21. Blue Prints
  22. Encapsulation
  23. Parishes
  24. Bernadette M. Russell
  25. Dr. Thomas R. O'Connor
  26. Museum
  27. Msgr. Charles Joseph Brady
  28. Special II-1950's and 1960's

*Collections- a body of manuscripts or papers having a common source


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