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Mission Statement: 

We, the Office of Faith Formation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse, inspired by the life and mission of Jesus, and embracing the opportunities of our time and culture, commit ourselves to educate, evangelize and empower others through lifelong and ongoing faith formation.

 The Office of Faith Formation in order to carry out its mission will...

Respond to the needs of DRE's/REA's, parish leaders, coordinators and catechists through education formation and resources.

Challenge ourselves and others to vision - creating a future rooted in the richness of the past & responsive to the Spirit of the present.

Equip and empower the faithful to exercise their baptismal call to evangelize.

Emphasize faith formation for all people as a lifelong and life-connected process.

Include a family perspective in all endeavors.

Model a particular commitment to global and local issues of social justice.

Foster the intimate connection between liturgy and catechesis.

Collaborate with all diocesan offices, parishes and other faith communities and local agencies.

Resources Available through the Faith Formation Office:

Bishop Cunningham's 2013 Pastoral Letter

The Catechetical Leader in the Third Millennium: a collaborative effort of the New York State Bishops and the New York State Council of Diocesan Directors of Religious Education, it states, in part, “The Church in New York State…needs a renewed commitment to the call, recruitment, and affirmation of woman and men of faith as parish catechetical leaders.” It also echoes and affirms the statement in the National Directory of Catechesis, from the United States Bishops, “The single most critical factor in an effective parish catechetical program is the leadership of a professionally trained parish catechetical leader.”

 The document focuses on five core competencies: Evangelization; Changing Parish Landscape; Family; Culture; Technology. Click here to read the document. 

Catechist Certification in the Diocese of Syracuse: click here for information on the Catechist Formation Program 

Click here to browse an online resource center and catalog 

To view the video series from the North American Forum on the Cathechumanate, click here. 

Circles of Care 

Click here for Revised Catechetical Handbook

Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation (e-learning opportunities through a partnership with the University of Dayton)

Faith Formation for Children and Teens with Special Needs: the Office of Special Needs for Catechists has resources available for people with a variety of special needs.

Adaptive Sacramental Kits for Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation: Gifts for All (Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation) published by Dayton University, and 1000 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism or Asperger’s are among the many resources that may be borrowed from any of the four regional Resource Centers.

For more information concerning catechesis for those with special needs, visit their website or contact Connie Armstrong at 315-596-4014 or

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