Important note to musicians: The Diocese of Syracuse mandates that every parish learn the following two Mass settings in the first year of transition from the current translation to the New Roman Missal. The first is the chant from the New Roman Missal and should be learned and used as it is the simplest setting. This chant is musically sound, easy to sing, reverent, text-oriented, and extremely helpful to each congregation as it begins the process of learning and using the new translation. The second is Mass of Renewal, which is a more festive setting and should eventually be learned and used for celebrations of greater solemnity. These two settings will be used for diocesan celebrations.

New Roman Missal Chants
ICEL Chant Accompaniments (Diocese of Leeds)
Mass of Renewal

Music for the New Roman Missal presented by Thomas Andino - Forthcoming
Chant in the New Roman Missal presented by Armand DiScenna
Chant and the Roman Missal - Steven Medicis / Armand DiScenna


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