Study Guide

The Purpose of This Guide

This study guide has been developed to assist Catholics in “breaking open” Bishop Cunningham’s letter so that, through reflection and discussion, all might share in God’s vision for strengthened Catholic families. Calling upon parishes, schools, and Pastoral Care Areas (PCAs) to develop a renewed focus on families, it is Bishop Cunningham’s expressed hope that the pastoral letter will bring about efforts to: “reach out to parents and families in new and different ways” in order to foster “a growing feeling of being at home in the Church and a burning desire to know, live, and share the Catholic faith.”

With this goal in mind, the study guide encourages the reader to:

  1. Understand the challenges facing Catholic families today, and how they affect our faith life, and
  2. Take action in creating environments which strength our own families as well as those around us. 

May this guide lead to greater understanding and action, bringing the light of Christ to each family and the “family of families,” the Church.  

Download the study guide by clicking here.

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