Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church est. 1844

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church Contact Info & Staff

Filipino Mass - 3pm 1st Sunday of the month

Young Adult Praise & Worship- 6:30pm last Friday of the month, Destiny Chapel

The Light is On for You (confession): Monday March 26, 4-7 pm

Assumption Church

7:00AM Mass & Ashes

8:30AM Mass & Ashes

11:00AM to 1:00PM Short Prayer, Ashes & Free to go Lunch

6:00PM Mass & Ashes

The Franciscan Place at Destiny USA

10:30AM Short Prayer & Ashes

11:30AM Short Prayer & Ashes

12:15PM Mass & Ashes*

1:30PM Short Prayer & Ashes

2:30PM Short Prayer & Ashes

3:30PM Short Prayer & Ashes

4:15PM Mass & Ashes*

5:30PM Short Prayer & Ashes

*Mass celebrated on 6th floor deck. Use elevators by Burlington. The Franciscan Place is located at Destiny USA behind the DSW store.

Mass & Devotion Schedule
Sunday 10:00 am English Mass
Monday 8:30 am English Mass
Tuesday 8:30 am English Mass
Wednesday 8:30 am English Mass
Thursday 8:30 am English Mass
Friday 8:30 am English Mass
Saturday 3:00 pm Confession
4:00 pm Vigil

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