Bishop Lucia Suspends usage of David Haas Music in Diocese of Syracuse

From the Office of Liturgy and the R.C.I.A.

David Haas is a liturgical music composer who has been involved in various Catholic sponsored events that have taken place throughout the country. He currently resides in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis ( This past June allegations of inappropriate conduct by Mr. Haas began to surface. The most recent report issued October 1, 2020 details extensive disturbing behavior directed toward young girls and adult women: unethical abuse of professional power, spiritual manipulation, and aggressive sexual abuse. The report is available at: The allegations are currently unresolved. Nevertheless, they are substantial.  

Although these allegations are reported to have taken place elsewhere, the Diocese of Syracuse takes them very seriously and stands in solidarity with all victims and survivors of sexual abuse. Therefore, Bishop Lucia is hereby suspending the use of Mr. Haas’ music in the Diocese of Syracuse until further notice. Moreover, Bishop Lucia will not authorize Mr. Haas to perform in the diocese.

The purpose of these actions is to avoid causing further trauma to victims of sexual misconduct and sexual abuse so that they can seek healing. It is also to avoid supporting Mr. Haas’ work, an action that some major publishers, for example, GIA, have already taken:

Parish communities and other places where Mr. Hass’ music was widely used will need to do some additional planning to use appropriate liturgical music that is beyond his compositions. The Diocese of San Jose has provided this resource:

Please join the Diocese of Syracuse in praying for all victims of sexual abuse and in continuing to create a safe environment throughout the diocese that is marked by a culture of awareness, knowledge, and vigilance for those entrusted to our care ( Contact law enforcement and the Diocesan Office of Victim Assistance to report sexual misconduct: ( 

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