Diocese adds two names to the List of Clergy with Credible Allegations of Sexual Abuse of a Minor

The Diocesan Review Board recently reviewed allegations of child sexual abuse involving two
priests independently, one deceased and one no longer in active ministry in the Diocese of
Syracuse. As is the case whenever any allegation is received, the Diocese immediately forwarded
the related claims to the appropriate district attorney for review, per diocesan policy. Upon
release from the district attorney, the Diocesan Review Board was able to commence its own

Upon completion and review of the investigations, the Diocesan Review Board found the
allegations to be credible. Bishop Douglas Lucia has accepted their findings. The individuals
have been added to the List of Clergy with Credible Allegation of Sexual Abuse of a Minor found
on the Diocesan website: https://syracusediocese.org/safe-environment/victim-assistance/list-of-

They are:
Name - Ordination - Date - Current Status
G. Edward Knight - February 3, 1958 - Deceased
Thomas Joyce - March 30, 1968 - Living

It is important to note that there is no priest in active ministry with a credible complaint of abuse.
Allegations received by the Diocese and law enforcement have been decades old. The Diocese
of Syracuse remains committed to all its components of its Child and Youth Protection Program
which include:

1) A Memorandum of Understanding with local District Attorneys to immediately report any
allegation of sexual abuse of a minor

2) A Victim Assistance Coordinator who serves as the liaison between the Diocese and
individuals who report allegations of sexual misconduct.

3) A Diocesan Review Board, a confidential, consultative body whose primary purpose is to
assist the diocesan Bishop in making a determination of a cleric’s suitability for ministry upon
receipt of an allegation of sexual abuse of a minor, young person, or vulnerable adult.

4) Safe Environment training for all clergy all members of religious orders; all parish and diocesan
employees, including those who have no contact with children, young people, or vulnerable
adults; adult volunteers whose ministry or role places them in regular contact with children,
young people, or vulnerable adults; and any adult interested in learning more about child abuse

5) Criminal Background Checks for all those required to participate in the Safe Environment

6) Pastoral care in terms of both spiritual and mental health counseling.

As Bishop Lucia stated in his first Letter to the People: “To all victims, I once again in the name
of the Diocese of Syracuse apologize most deeply and sincerely for the heinous acts perpetrated
against them by their abusers who were supposed to be the caregiver of souls. I renew my own offer to meet with victims, if there is any way I can assist them in their search for healing and peace.”

The Diocese of Syracuse urges anyone who as a child was sexually abused by a member of the
clergy to report the matter to a law enforcement agency or to the Diocese. To report an incident
of abuse or to seek help, contact the Diocese’s Assistance Coordinator at jbressette@syrdio.org.


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