Bishop Cunningham Announced New Priest Appointments

Most Rev. Robert J. Cunningham, Bishop of Syracuse announced the appointment of new pastors/administrators and those retiring at the end of June, 2010.

The following will be retiring as of July 1, 2010:

  • Bogan, Fr. Robert Bogan, Administrator of Church of the Annunciation in Clark Mills
  • Dwyer, Fr. Robert, Pastor of St. John the Evangelist, Bainbridge, and St. Agnes Mission, Afton
  • Hartnett, Fr. George, Pastor, St. Cecilia Church, Solvay – retired 07/01/10
  • Katz, Fr. Jerome, Pastor - The Catholic Community of St. Stephen’s & St. Patrick, Whitney Point
  • McGrath, Fr. Thomas, Pastor, St. Mary of the Lake, Skaneateles
  • Morelle, Fr. Edmund, Pastor, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Verona
  • Sheehan, Msgr. George, Vicar of Catholic Education

The following are recent appointments as indicated by date:

  • Auth, Fr. Clifford H.
    Presently: Diocesan Chancellor
    New Assignment: Pastor, St. Ann’s Church, Manlius, effective 05/08/10
  • Ballard, Fr. Christopher, Parochial Vicar, St. James Church, Johnson City, effective 07/01/10 - Ordained: 06/05/10
  • Bunger, Fr. Kevin
    Presently on Sabbatical Leave
    New assignment: Pastor, Church of the Annunciation, Clark Mills , effective 07/01/10
  • Carey, Fr. Paul V.
    Presently: Pastor, St. Joseph’s Church, Lee Center
    New assignment: Pastor, St. Bernard’s Church, Waterville effective, 08/01/10
  • Castronovo, Fr. Edmund
    Presently: Outside the diocese
    New assignment: Pastor, Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, Verona , effective 07/01/10
  • Cunningham, Fr. Douglas
    Presently: Military Chaplain at Hancock Air Base and weekend assistant at St. Augustine’s & St. Mary’s, Baldwinsville
    New assignment: Administrator of The Catholic Community of St. Stephen’s, Marathon, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Mission, Cincinnatus and & St. Patrick, Whitney Point, effective 07/01/10. Fr. Cunningham will continue in Chaplaincy at Hancock Air Base.
  • Elmer, Fr. Timothy S.
    Newly appointed Chancellor of the Diocese of Syracuse, effective 07/01/10
    Remains Judicial Vicar for the Tribunal of the Diocese of Syracuse
  • Gantley, Fr. Mark
    Presently working outside the diocese.
    New assignment: Administrator, St. John the Evangelist, Bainbridge, and St. Agnes Mission, Afton effective 07/01/10
  • Galuppi, Fr. Michael
    Presently: Parochial Vicar at St. Joseph’s, Camillus
    New assignment: Administrator, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Endicott, effective 07/01/10
  • Guida, Fr. Amedeo
    Presently: Parochial Vicar at St. James, Johnson City
    New assignment: Pastor, St. Cecilia’s, Solvay, effective 7/01/10
  • Jones, Fr. William – returning from sabbatical leave
    New assignment: Parochial Vicar at The Cathedral and will be assisting with Chaplaincy at Crouse Hospital – effective 06/01/10
  • Kurgan, Fr. John
    Presently: PV at the Church of the Nativity, LaFayette
    New assignment: Administrator – Our Lady of Sorrows, Vestal, effective 07/15/10
  • Machira, Father Paul
    Presently: Parochial Vicar of St. Cecilia Church in Solvay
    New assignment: Parochial Vicar of St. Patrick Church and St. Thomas Church in Binghamton, effective August 1, 2010
  • O’Brien, Rev. James
    Presently: Pastor, St. John’s Church, Liverpool
    Additional assignment: Vicar Forane (Regional Vicar) for the Western Region West, effective 07/01/10
  • Putano, Rev. John
    Presently: Pastor of Our Lady of Sorrows, Vestal
    New assignment: Pastor of St. Patrick and St. Thomas Aquinas Church, Binghamton, effective July 15. He remains Vicar Forane (Regional Vicar) for the Southern Region
  • Schoenhofen, Fr. Darr
    Presently: Temporary Administrator, St. Cecilia’s Church, Solvay
    New assignment: Pastor, St. Mary of the Lake, Skaneateles, effective 07/01/10
  • Servatius, Fr. Thomas
    Presently: Administrator, St. Bernard’s Church, Waterville
    New assignment: Administrator, St. Augustine’s Church, Baldwinsville, effective 08/01/10
    He also serves as Diocesan Director of Seminary Formation.
  • Stephenson, Fr. Robert
    Presently: serving at Holy Trinity Church, Fulton
    New assignment: Parochial Vicar, Church of the Nativity, LaFayette/Tully/ Pompey, effective 07/01/10
  • Tormey, Fr. James
    Presently: Pastor, St. Vincent de Paul, Vestal and Blessed Sacrament, Johnson City
    New assignment: Pastor, St. Joseph Church, Lee Center, effective 07/01/10
  • Zandy, Fr. Edward
    Presently: Pastor, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Endicott
    New assignment: Pastor, St. Vincent de Paul, Vestal and Blessed Sacrament, Johnson City effective 07/01/10

For more information, contact Danielle E. Cummings, Assistant Chancellor/Director of Communications at 315. 470.1476. For the full story of the appointments and retirements, go to the diocesan website and click on The Catholic Sun.


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