Natural Family Planning

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A way of life that includes natural, scientifically-based methods used to achieve or avoid pregnancy, as well as keep sex holy, life sacred, and marriages thriving.

Marriage, the Church teaches, is celebrated and lived as a Holy Sacrament. It is the union of one man and one woman, body and soul, for life. It was designed by God to be shared in love and service to one another, and to create a family in love. Natural Family Planning (NFP) is a body of knowledge based on naturally occurring signs and symptoms that identify signs of fertility or infertility. NFP is not contraception, rather a method of fertility awareness and appreciation. It is highly effective when a mutually motivated couple shares in the responsibility of family planning. Many couples say that NFP deepens their spiritual life, strengthens their marriages and enriches respect for one another and the gift of life. A recent study suggests that couples who practice NFP have a divorce rate of only 3%.  NFP is taught in the diocese by certified practitioners. 

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