What Candidates are saying about Formation for Ministry

Called And Gifted: Formation For Ministry Program Offers Opportunities To Grow In Faith (via The Catholic Sun)

"As I continue in my course of studies, I continue to be very impressed with the holiness of the people I meet. It amazes me how many truly wonderful and devoted people there are that are part of the Formation for Ministry Program. My prayers have increasingly turned to prayers of thanksgiving for having had the opportunity to meet such wonderful people. Their devotion to their ministries is inspiring, and has helped me to remain focused as I continue my spiritual journey" - Syracuse 

"In addition to the improvements in my prayer life and spirituality, I have grown as a person and as a Catholic Christian through participation in the Formation for Ministry classes and the contact that I have had with others in the program, including instructors, administrators, and formation candidates. I truly believe that I am a better person because of these last two years in the Formation program. I find that I am more patient, more willing to wait and hear someone out or look for ways to improve any situation in which I find myself trusting in God that everything will work out in the end. I find that I am more empathetic with the poor, the sick, and the disadvantaged. I realize how fortunate I am and how I need to share my good fortune through others through service and charity. I am more introspective. I find myself examining my conscience in ways I could not before I gained in wisdom and insight through Formation" - Syracuse

"I have been involved in different parish ministries for over the last forty years and I have always felt very blessed in having the opportunity to serve my church. The FFM program, in so many ways, has affirmed my experiences and provided new insights into my Catholic Faith. What I have gained as a result of FFM is a deeper knowledge, guidance, and discernment in how I can effectively serve my church. The information provided, the sharing of experiences, becoming aware of the good works happening in our Diocese, and most importantly, learning about how - with the help of the Holy Spirit - how God can use me, has made me a better apostle" - Rome

"I have grown by leaps and bounds in my faith. I am learning so much about the Catholic Faith due to my participation in the FFM program. It is important to be educated in our Faith in order to effectively minister to others. God has called me to grow in my ministry by teaching me to be more tolerant and patient of others. My ministry has had a positive effect on how I deal with people in the workplace. The program has prepared me for some of the losses that I have had over the past two years, most recently my father's passing and that of a couple of close friends" – Binghamton

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