On August 15, 2018 the Office of Vocation Promotion launched an exciting collaboration with Syracuse Catholic TV called #MyVocationStory. 


Promote the Office of Vocation Promotion through powerful and candid video testimonials given by members of the Vocation Promotion Team.


  1. Introduce faithful to the members of the Vocation Promotion team
  2. Encourage, inspire, and motivate young men discerning a call to the priesthood
  3. Foster and nurture a culture of vocation promotion in parishes and schools
  4. Generate buzz leading up to National Vocation Awareness Week
  5. Promote the newly-redesigned vocation promotion website
  6. Generate awareness of and increase following of new vocation promotion social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram)
  7. Further our mission of promoting vocations to the priesthood as outlined in the diocesan strategic plan

- - - 

Watch all seven #MyVocationStory testimonies here

Campaign Details

Video testimonials were distributed via the following digital platforms:

  • Facebook: video files were uploaded to the vocation promotion page
  • Instagram: 45 second 'teasers' were shared two days before the full video was uploaded to generate buzz (also shared on Facebook page)
  • YouTube: videos were uploaded to the Syracuse Catholic Television YouTube channel (view playlist here)
  • Videos were uploaded to the vocation promotion website
  • Diocesan weekly email newsletter (see example here)
  • Weekly internal email to all clergy/staff, parishes, ministries, schools

The following hashtags were used: #MyVocationStory, #VocationsSyracuse

Campaign Statistics

The seven #MyVocationStory testimonies were viewed over 2,000 times on YouTube and had a total watch time of just over 28 hours.

 On  the vocation promotion Facebook page, the full-length testimonies were viewed for a total of 18,026 minutes and had an organic reach of of 37,908 people.  

  • Total video shares: 167
  • Total video likes: 1,149

Our focus was views and reactions on our social media pages, but the testimonies page on the vocation promotion website also received a total of 95 visits during the duration of the campaign.

Videos were cross-promoted on the diocesan Facebook page and on The Catholic Sun homepage/social media.

 On the vocation promotion Instagram page, 'teasers' reached 969 users and were liked 171 times.  Posts directing users to click a temporary profile link to view full-length testimonies reached close to 750 users.

Links to Vocation Promotion Social Media Accounts




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