Child Abuse Prevention Month

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April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.  It is a time to recognize that every one of us can play a part in promoting the well-being of our children, who are gifts entrusted to us by God.  National Child Abuse Prevention Month reminds us of the need to be vigilant about providing a safe environment for all within the Church.  We must all do our part to protect the life and dignity of our children, young people, and vulnerable adults to end the neglect and abuse of the innocent.

The Diocese of Syracuse would like to reiterate its resolute in its commitment to reporting all allegations of sexual misconduct to civil authorities, ongoing support of sexual abuse victims, and implementing the strongest safeguards to protect our most vulnerable.  Please join the Diocese of Syracuse in its renewed commitment to remain tireless and observant in protecting and caring for our children, youth, and vulnerable adults.  As we prepare to celebrate the season of Easter, let us also celebrate the protection of the dignity of all human life.  #NationalChildAbusePreventionMonth


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